It’s Party Season!

 In Aventura

By the end of the year, after Labor Day as we see the winding down of summer, our schools in the USA, like the rest of the country, find themselves preparing for one big celebratory party after the other. Starting with Halloween in October and culminating in New Year’s Eve on December 31, this is 3 months of celebration.  November is the month that is known for bringing America’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.  December, of course, is synonymous with Christmas, which precedes that final huge party, New Year’s Eve, by a week.

Thanksgiving is the highlight of TALK Aventura’s party season


ugly sweater party

One of 2016’s Ugly Sweaters

At TALK Aventura, sandwiched between their Halloween bash and their Christmas Party – otherwise celebrated as known as the Ugly Sweater Party (in which, you guessed – students and staff try to outdo one another as to who has the ugliest, most garish Xmas sweater) is Thanksgiving.

International Food Day Party

A Smorgasboad of International Delicacies!

For Aventura Thanksgiving, this is also the day we celebrate International Food Day.  Each student brings their favorite dish from their home country to share with the school community.  Students are also encouraged to dress in the colors of their country flag or a national costume.

This is a big celebration of diversity at the TALK Aventura which allows the students to experience, through their national cuisine, the various countries and cultures that represent the TALK Aventura school community.  The teachers and staff also challenge the students in each of the different English course levels to a Thanksgiving competition.  Each level puts together a 2 to 5-minute presentation on what Thanksgiving means to them.  This was a new addition to the TALK Aventura Thanksgiving/International Food Day party and goes over very well.  The various levels put much thought and creativity into their presentations.  There’s singing, dancing and a spirited contest between the different levels to decide who in the end will be victorious!

We will be sure to bring you news of the day from the folks at TALK Aventura, and the winners of their contest.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our TALK friends and family!



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