From Lima to Atlanta: New Life, New Opportunities

 In Atlanta

When Jeaneth Diaz Alva first arrived in Atlanta from Peru, she had the impression that it was a very big city with a huge airport and a lot of traffic. She was nervous, as she had never before traveled alone. She was also worried that she would not pass the mini-interview with the immigration officer and that her bags would be searched at customs.
She was confused with the baggage and transportation system within the airport, and at one point needed to call her fiancée to make sure she was taking the correct steps!

Learning English at TALK Atlanta

Jeaneth started studying TOEFL at our TALK Atlanta Language Center in March 2012. She was nervous on her first day of school, but the feeling was quickly dispelled when she met the warm and friendly staff. She took the placement test and observed a class; after that, she was sold! She signed up for TOEFL classes and started the next day. As she got used to the staff and students, she slowly came out of her shell and started to make some friends. Now she loves the student activities, particularly International Food Day. It gives her a chance to try different foods and speak with different people.

While she enjoys living in Atlanta, Georgia very much, Jeaneth misses her home in Perú. She was used to a certain lifestyle – she lived with her parents, had a good job, had her own friends, etc. Moving to the U.S. was a huge change for her, but one that she hopes will help propel her into a better life. She wants to take the TOEFL test in May and hopes to attend college and receive her MBA.

Jeaneth is happy she chose TALK English Schools as her primary learning center. Since she started studying at TALK, she feels more comfortable speaking in English, and her self-esteem has increased. She has made new friends that she can hang out with both in and out of school and explore Atlanta. All-in-all, she misses Perú, but is happy and excited to be living in a new country with a whole new set of opportunities!

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