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America is a very religious country.  As people from all over the world have come to America to settle, they have American Religionbrought with them their systems of belief.  Hence, there is probably not a religion in the entire world that is not represented by a community, or many, in America.

Religious in America – some fast facts

  1. There are the same amount of US Mormons as there are Episcopalians/Anglicans in the USA.
  2. Amongst religious groups, Hindus have a higher rate of educational attainment than any other religious group in the USA.
  3. Half the US population identify as Protestant. None of the members of the Supreme Court are Protestant.
  4. 10 states in the USA have a 50% weekly church attendance by their populace. These states are mostly in the South.
  5. While 11 states in the USA have a 33% weekly church attendance by their State residents.
  6. The Southern Baptist Convention has a ¼ as many members as the Catholic Church but twice as many churches.
  7. African slaves were the first Muslims in the USA.
  8. In 1776, only 1.6% of the US population claimed to be Catholic. After all, this was a nation being settled by Protestants fleeing religious persecution in Europe.
  9. There are 5.8 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (known as the Mormons) in the USA.
  10. Southern California is home to 40% of the USA’s 1.2 million Buddhists.
  11. Traditional Native American religions are only practiced by about 9000 people in the USA.
  12. There has been 1 Catholic vice president and 1 Catholic president in the USA.


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