Fascinating Native American Art Facts

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The diversity of Native American Indian art is astounding. This is because of the many different tribes that inhabit Native American Artthe USA. Each of the tribes generally have their own unique form of art which have evolved from the cave drawings to more traditional and intricate carvings, totem poles, quillwork, masks, dolls, paintings, basketry, pottery, weaving, beadwork and jewelry. Native American Art has been seen in history across the ages and has been reflected by the environment, lifestyle, and culture.

Native American Indian Interesting Art Facts

  • The oldest North American art is said to date back 11,000 BC. In Florida there was a bone discovered which had a mammoth carved into it.
  • The region each tribe lived in helped to create the type of art that was seen by different tribes. An example includes the nomadic tribes. Their art work was lightweight so it could be taken with them at all times.
  • Most of the time American Indian artwork incorporates subjects and symbols that is significant to nature. Such things include birds, bears, various animals, the moon or the sun.
  • Throughout the USA there are many museums that hold Native American artefacts. These include Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Museum of the American Indian in New York City.

Native American Indian Art Types

  • Pottery – Pottery was used for the storage of food, valuables, and other things like water. American Indians created these to help with normal everyday living.
  • Baskets – One of the oldest art forms, basket weaving has been known to date back 8 thousand years.
  • Masks – Tribal ceremonies generally used masks. Different tribes have different mask designs and the techniques in creating them also were different.
  • Totem Poles – Totem poles are one of the more striking artwork by Native America Indians. These generally stand up to 40ft and were sculpted from wood.
  • Dolls – Dolls were also famous as they were depicted as a spiritual aspect of the tribe.
  • Paintings – Just like pottery, paintings date back thousands of years and can be seen on cave walls, pottery, shields and more.
  • Jewelry – Jewelry was made and worn by the different tribes. Most jewelry was made from stone, silver copper or turquoise.
  • Beadwork – Beadwork is well known to be a part of Native American Indian artworks. Some of the more famous beadwork are from the Great Plains Indians. They usually used materials including silver, horns, animal bones, wood, turquoise, and shells for their beads.
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