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Jazz music is known for its improvisation and syncopation.  It was introduced at the beginning of the last century as part of an African-American artistic movement called ‘The Harlem Renaissance’ Jazz music with its lack of structure and non-conformist style, reflected the era of the 1920’s.  It was author F Scott Fitzgerald who coined the term “Jazz Age” for this era.

Jazz Facts for Enthusiasts

  1. The instruments in a jazz band are:
  • trumpet or cornet
  • clarinet
  • trombone
  • piano
  • string bass
  • drums
  • banjo or guitar.
  1. What defines jazz is the idea of collective improvisation – that is, instead of one musician improvising and the others holding to a pre-set score, all the musicians improvise at the same time.
  2. Jazz is probably one of the most hybrid music forms in the world. It draws influence from a variety of music including European Chamber Music, African rhythms to the modern day pop music.
  3. Jazz has also turned into a dance style. Jazz dancing has spawned such famous dance styles as Black Bottom, Charleston, The Lambeth Walk, The Shimmy and Truckin’.
  4. Louisiana is historical the home of jazz, although New York, Chicago and other major cities in the USA was where the jazz musicians went to become known and to paly for larger audiences.
  5. One of Jazz’s most famous quotes which refers to the way jazz should be understood is “If you’ve got to ask, then you’ll never know!” It is quoted by many jazz musicians to date.
  6. One of the most distinctive instruments in jazz is the saxophone.

With its cool sounds, distinctive woodwind instruments and its classy appeal, the world of jazz has attracted worldwide enthusiasts and fans.

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