Facts About American Pop Culture You Won’t Believe

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Today’s American pop culture is full of fun facts about American popular culture.American pop culture

  1. A scientific study has shown that 8 out of 10 teenagers will automatically do the Carlton dance when they hear Wham!.
  2. The Emmy snub which was least discussed this year was Steve Carells performance in finale of ‘The Office’
  3. A recently applauded best acting performance was Margo Martindale’s in ‘Justified’.
  4. ‘Orange Is The New Black’ is said to be the best new television show since ‘Game Of Thrones’.
  5. Bottle Rocket is the most watchable film from Wes Anderson.
  6. 95% of all Americans think that ‘The Drew Carey Show’ had a much shorter run than ‘Seinfeld’, when in fact both ran the same length of time as a  TV series.
  7. The greatest opening sequence used in a movie is considered by critics to be in the movie ‘UP’
  8. Critics consider the best animated sitcom seen on television to be Bob’s Burgers’.
  9. The Doctor Who episode Blink was said to be the greatest of the series in the modern era.

These and other useless facts about pop culture in America is what makes America’s pop culture fun!

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