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America is the home of country music with the city of Nashville, Tennessee the spiritual heart of this genre. Country Country music music is all about telling stories within a song and sentimentality is what marks Country music’s mood and is its emotional core.

Country Music – Fun Facts

It Started with Hillbilly Music

Country music originated in the musical form which was called hillbilly music.

Music City

Atlanta, Georgia is also associated with country music:  it is the industry’s center and where many of the country music stars choose to reside, as there now more recording studios there than in Nashville.  Nashville is famous for its annual Grand Ole Opry weekly country music festivals.

Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers from Meridien, Mississippi, was famous for his yodelling style and is recognized as the father of country music. More recent country music stars include Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Keith Urban and Faith Hill.

Henry Ford

Ford car manufacturer Henry Ford loved country music and invested a lot of money to promote country music

Western and Country Music

Country music is associated with the western cowboy lifestyle and there is a sub-genre called Western Music. Famous artists in the western country music scene include Rex Griffin, Webb Pierce, Hank Snow, Patsy Montana.

Rowdy And Bawdy

In the 1920s country music had a bawdy, rowdy aspect to it, unlike the later more mellow sound.

Crazy Water Crystals

In the 30’s, a patent medicine called Crazy Water Crystals was a big country music and artist sponsor.


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