Changing Face of America From 1957 to 2007 and Beyond

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Throughout the years the change in American society has been seen in many different aspects of the country. The Changing Face of Americachanging face of America is something that many people can’t control but can only learn from as the future comes to pass. The following are some examples of how American has changed over the decades to what it is today.


  • 1957 – In schools when a child brings a gun to school it was for show and tell. Many principals or teachers may also get their guns from their cars to compare.
  • 2007 + Student brings gun to school, the school goes into lockdown. The police, FBI and other special forces are called. Teachers and students receive counselling while the student is sent to jail.


  • 1957 – Students have a fist fight. One wins, both shake hands and end up becoming good friends.
  • 2007+ – Students have a fist fight. Police are called. Students are charged with assault and both have been expelled from school.


  • 1957 – Student disturbs class. Student is sent to the principal’s office gets a stern talking to or paddling, returns to class doesn’t disturb the class anymore.
  • 2007 + – Student disturbs class and is given heavy medications. Is tested for ADD and school then gets additional money because student has a disability.


  • 1957 – Child breaks the neighbour’s car window by mistake. Gets a stern talking to by his father. Has to do chores for the neighbour for a few weeks. Grows up, goes to college and becomes financially well off.
  • 2007 + Child breaks the neighbour’s car window by mistake. The child’s father is arrested for neglect and child abuse. The child is placed in foster care or in a treatment facility for anger issues. The child then joins a gang and is on drugs.


  • 1957 – Student takes painkillers to school for his headache. Shares with principal because he also has a headache. Day goes on as normal headache free.
  • 2007 – Student takes painkillers to school for his headache. Police are called for drug violations and student is expelled from school.

As you can see there have been many changes across the years. Although America has and still is a thriving country, it makes you wonder how far the views of people will go in the future.

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