How Americans View the World

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After the involvement of the US troops and government in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pew research surveys have found Americans view the worldthat the American public are growing weary of conflicts in foreign countries and want their government to turn attention back home. 52% of Americans said that the USA should mind their own business when it comes to international affairs and let other countries deal with their own business. Since then there have been a lot of crises overseas which have shaped the public opinion about the threats that are against the US and what the role of the USA is and how they should play in the world. The following is some indication on how Americans view the world and how they take a public stand when it comes to matters abroad.

America’s Views About The World

  1. The American public is still highly concerned about their country getting over involved with their military action. During the uprising in 2011 against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, there was strong evidence from the US public about their reluctance in getting involved in the foreign affairs. There was also lack of support for the US intervention of the 2012 Syria civil war. During the uprising of ISIS the public did back President Obama’s decision to launch its air strikes by 54% but were still cautious of the US still being involved.
  2. Although Americans are still concerned about US global involvement in other countries affairs, their views have somewhat shifted since the challenge from Russia against the pro-Western government in the Ukraine. There has also been a shift with the rapid rise of ISIS in the Middle East. 39% of Americans believe that the US is over doing it to solve the world’s problems. This is a drop from the 51% last year. 31% of Americans believe that the US doesn’t do enough.
  3. Americans are now worried that ISIS has America as its top threat. Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremist have been on top of the US’s priority for many years since the Twin Tower terror. Americans believe these are major terror threats with 67% feel that ISIS is the most dangerous. North Korea’s nuclear program along with Iran’s nuclear program is also on the list of concerning terrors.
  4. 54% of Americans see Obama as a weak president and isn’t tough enough against foreign affairs and national security. 77% of Republicans hold this view while 56% of independents and 34% of democrats also agree. The American public also believe that the US is less influential to the rest of the world than in the past. 48% of Americans say that the US is not as important or as powerful as a world leader as it was over the last decade.
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