What Is Americana?

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Americana can refer to anything that involves the USA culture, this can be anything from history, architecture, art, Americanacooking and cultural artefacts. Americana expresses anything that directly is associated with Americans even if they come from another country. Americana can be expressed by music, literature, and art that can be seen as a part of America. For example Norman Rockwell’s “Saturday Evening Post” covers were said to represent Americana. Rock and Roll in music is also said to be an expression of American culture.

American literature is not so easy to define. Washington Irving is said to capture a part of the American culture in “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow”. Yet others say it has a European aspect about it. It is important though to remember that there are many things that are considered as Americana. Cuisine is also associated with Americana. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes would be considered as American food, as would the apple pie. Hamburgers and fries are also a part of the American cuisine.

Americana can also be seen in sports. Baseball and football are two sports that are true American based. Watching football while celebrating thanksgiving is something that is generally unique to the USA.

America is also home to a variety of cultural aspects that are true Americana. Rock and roll and folk music has been a part of America for many decades. The history of America and how it came to be is also a part of Americana. With the American dream in full swing it has changed over the years, it has shaped the nation to what it is today.

Overall Americana is everything that has to do with America, its people and its way of life. America is home to some amazing history, culture, and people. In time you will be able to recognise America for the beauty she is and know exactly what is a part of the genre Americana.




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