American Pop Culture Symbols Throughout The Years

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Over the years pop culture has changed dramatically with many amazing achievements being made that American Pop Culturerevolutionized the world. The following are examples of American Pop culture from the past 20 years which have changed the world in some way.


In 1993 the Space Shuttle Endeavour was sent on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope’s optical flaw.


The national figure skating championships title was awarded to Tonya Harding, but because she made an attack on her rival, Nancy Kerrigan, she was stripped of her title.


Steve Fossett was the first person to use a hot air balloon to fly across the Pacific Ocean.


EBay originally started its shopping website and online auctions in 1996.


At 21 years of age Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer to win the Masters Tournament.


MP3’s were first created and were the new music device of the century.


The Y2K millennium bug was the most important thing on business owner’s minds. The fear was that all computer systems would stop working as the year 2000 clicked in. When 2000 come in everyone checked and upgraded their computers.


The US Supreme Court favoured the decision for George W Bush to become president due to a split election.


For $162 billion, AOL announced the agreement to purchase Time Warner which made it the largest corporate merger in history.


The winner of the first American Idol contest was awarded to Kelly Clarkson


Apple becomes a major success when ITunes was launched. In the first 4 months they sold over 10 million songs.


Facebook launched its social networking site to university students from Harvard. From there it has expanded globally to become the multimillion dollar networking enterprise it is today.


On the Oprah show, Tom Cruise jumped on the couch when he expressed his love for Katie Holmes.American Pop Culture


Twitter launched for the first time in 2006 with many people signing up.


iPhone launches and is unveiled as a device that is part phone, internet browser, MP3 player, and an overpriced status symbol. Many people lined up to get the very first one when it was released on June 29.


For the first time ever petroleum prices reach $100 a barrel.


Michael Jackson died making millions across the world grieve for the legendary entertainer.


The introduction of the iPad from Apple was released.


Prince William and Kate Middleton wed in the United Kingdom on April 29th.


The song Gangnam Style from Psy had everyone from the U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to Madonna performing the horse riding dance.


Merchant link celebrates up to 20 years of business.



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