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America is one of the largest countries in the world and is home to a variety of people that lead many individual lives.American people The following are some American people population facts that are interesting and surprising for those who want to know what the population is like against other countries.

Population Facts in America in Perspective

  • Poland and California have roughly the same population.
  • Switzerland and Virginia have roughly the same population.
  • Romania and Texas have roughly the same population.
  • Both Ireland and the Netherlands combined has roughly the same population as New York.
  • Sweden and Austria combined has the same population as Florida.
  • Illinois has a larger population status than that of Portugal.
  • Pennsylvania has a larger population status than that of Greece.
  • Belgium has a smaller population than Ohio.
  • Michigan and Czech Republic has the same population.
  • The USA is the 3rd most populated country in the world. China and India come 1st and 2nd. ‘
  • The coastal areas of the USA are the most densely populated. Population density along these coast is about 767 people per square mile.
  • In 2010 California’s population reached 50 million with density of population residing in the coastal areas at 1,050 people per square mile.
  • In 50 years there has been an increase of 600% in Florida’s population.

To put this into perspective, the combined population of the states of  Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, New York, Texas, California and Virginia matches that of the Czech republic, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, The Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland and Poland!


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