American History Facts You Didn’t Know

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American History is full of amazing events that happened decades ago. While some are more memorable than American History others, they all come together to make America what it is today. Here are the lesser known incidents that happened before the 20th century that you may not have known about.

American History You May Not Know

  1. Texas’s New Germany

In 1842 in Germany, a society was established to protect German immigrants in Texas. The goal of this society was to organize a mass movement of immigrants to colonize the Republic of Texas. This would have created a German state in the centre of America. 5 settlements were established in 1847 when over 5,000 Germans immigrated to Texas. By 1853, another 2000 immigrants arrived. Although with the amount of Germans arriving, New Germany didn’t happen because there was a lack of business sense, losses, and mistrust amongst members.

  1. Free State Of Van Zandt

In East Texas, Van Zandt County was once called the Free State of Van Zandt. It was an independent state that was against the United States at one point. Federal troops, following the Civil War were stationed across many of Texas’s towns. The citizens of Van Zandt were frustrated and fed up and decided to vote not only to be separated from Texas but the whole of the USA as well. The US government wasn’t pleased about this and sent General Sheridan and the US army to put a rest to the uprising. The Van Zandt army celebrated the freedom a little too much and drunks were easily rounded up without any incident.

  1. Revolution By A Woman

The Revolutionary War almost started earlier than it did by a woman called Sarah Tarrant. Sarah was a fiery tempered nurse who lived in Salem. In 1775 in Massachusetts, Alexander Leslie, a British commander came in search of cannons which he believed were hidden by the rebels. The younger of the citizens on his arrival taunted him and refused to let any of his troops cross the bridge. Lesie persisted however before he started to return to Boston. Sarah Tarrant insulted the retreating redcoats in which one of them aimed his musket at her despite the General’s orders to stand down. Luckily he didn’t fire otherwise war may have started that day.

  1. State of Franklin Vs North Carolina

The State of Franklin was the 14th state of the Revolutionary War. It was named in the honor of Benjamin Franklin. Citizens of the region in 1748, decided they were better off living on their own instead of being a part of North Carolina or as part of a federal government territory. They voted to be separated from North Carolina but Congress didn’t let Franklin join them. They continued to fight for their own survival for up to 4 years by even making deals with tribes of Native Americans, writing their own constitution, and attempting to negotiate with Spain about a treaty. The last act was too much and North Carolina arrested John Sevier, the Governor. Franklin lost its purpose overtime and then in 1796 formed the Tennessee state.


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