15 Facts About America And Her People

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America – the home of the brave and the land of the free.  This nation forged its way to become the leader of the Free American People World because of the daring, the innovation, energy and the optimism of its people. These national traits are often ascribed to the American people, and although you cannot generalize, they do together as a national character explain America’s amazing cultural, social and economic dynamism.

American Facts That You May Not Know About

  1. Friendliness – Americans are friendly. Although you may think otherwise Americans are more than happy to help foreign students with any problems they may have with directions, information and more.
  2. Innovation/Experimentation – Americans are also very open to experimentation and innovation. There have been many Americans that have revolutionized the world with inventions that have advanced standards of living throughout the world.
  3. Dreamers – Americans are also dreamers. They dare to dream and work to make it happen. They have the drive and are known to never give up. If they fall they get back up again in no time at all.
  4. Great Music – American’s have great music. The USA is known for the creation of so many new musical genres such as jazz, blues, rock ‘n roll. Today globally recognized artists from the USA include Madonna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé, to name a few.
  5. Customer Service – American businesses are well known for their great customer service. In restaurants you will see enthusiastic waiters and staff that are always happy to serve you.
  6. Respect For Life – Americans respect life, they show great community spirit and they care about people less fortunate than them. They will come together in hard times to support communities and those who have been affected by violence or hard times.
  7. Work Ethic – Americans are proud of their work ethic. They work hard to achieve what they want when they want it. They work for little or a lot of money. They are appreciative of jobs and are keen to do anything to make money.
  8. Great Manners – The majority of Americans are extremely courteous and happily extend hospitality to newcomers and strangers.
  9. Movies – America has led the world in movie production and regularly thrills global audiences with their big-budget blockbusters with awesome effects and great storylines.
  1. Personal Freedoms – In many countries, people can’t live how they want because of oppressive governments and restrictive laws. Americans by and large experience a huge amount of personal freedoms, opportunity and individual rights
  1. Big Houses – America is home to large houses. In many cities you will encounter neighborhoods with enormous scale houses. It is such a trend that these house have been called MacMansions, because there are so many of them in the suburbs.
  2. Optimist – Americans are optimists and if they encounter a negative they always turn it around to make it positive, in other words, they always look on the bright side of life.
  3. Passionate Enthusiasts – Americans are passionate about everything from sports to politics. If they want to pursue something, it’s with 100% commitment or not at all.
  4. Open Minded – Many Americans are more open minded than the image you get from your media.
  5. Equal Rights – Americans are passionate about the idea of equal rights for everyone, and that is enshrined in the constitution.
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