10 Great Things About America

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America is a great land of many opportunities and optimism, and when living in America you’ll see the American society thrives and survives despite its downturns. Here are 10 great things about America you may have not known before visiting this unique nation.

  1. Friendliness

Although you may not think so, Americans are actually very friendly people. People tend to be very giving and are great things about america generally interested in what you’re talking about and about life in other countries. The American people are also very helpful to travelers and are more than happy to give directions and advice to TalkUSA students if you become lost or need directions to a specific area.

  1. Great Music

America is also known for their great music in most genres especially country and pop. USA born artists like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, Michael Jackson, Madonna and more have celebrated big careers while living in America. The leading country in music talent, America is well ahead of the world with their great diversity of music choices.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service is also something that Americans are great at. You’ll find that the customer service in supermarkets, restaurants, and other stores is second to none. American’s pride themselves on giving great service to all customers and this can definitely be seen when visiting any store.

  1. Work Ethic And Equality

Americans are all for equal rights and have very strong work ethics. American’s work very hard to get what they want in life, and with minimum wage being so small you can see why. American work ethics is something to admire. Many Americans work tirelessly on multiple jobs just to get ahead and it’s this spirit that helps make them succeed in life.

  1. Attractions

America also boasts some fantastic attractions right across its many states. From the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls to Disneyland, America is host to a great deal of attractions that the budding traveler can enjoy all year round.

  1. Belief Of Dreams

Americans have and always will dare to dream. America’s belief of dreams is astounding and what many people do to achieve their dreams is outstanding. The American society pushes hard to overcome many obstacles to reach their goals. This is something that is admiring and inspiring for many people. If you want it, you have to work for it.

  1. Their Capacity For Changegreat things about america

Americans have a fantastic capacity for change, for taking on the new. When something gets tough, they change it so it can become easier for everyone. Years ago an African American may have not been looked at to become president, but with their great capacity for change, time has seen African American Barack Obama come to be president of this great land.

  1. Large Houses

When living in America you’ll notice that a lot of the time the houses are large and generally luxurious in many areas. Americans love to live large and big. This reflects their home choices. America is a great place to buy real estate for value for money.

  1. Passion

Americans are also passionate about many great things, from their sport, music, work, to family. No matter how hard life is for any American their passion is what keeps them going throughout the tough times.

  1. Freedoms

Americans also have plenty of freedoms that many other countries don’t have. They have the freedom of the internet, latest technology and medical advancements, freedom of speech, great television shows, as well as a military that keeps the country safe always.

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