How The World Sees Americans and America Now

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In 2008 when Barack Obama was elected into office, Americans were hopeful with the change and the promises that America nowlie ahead which combined a mix of humility and strength that he offered. Over the years Americans believe that America’s image to the rest of the world has fallen somewhat and isn’t as strong of a leading country as it once was years ago. According to the Pew Research Centre’s newest worldwide public opinion poll, there is definitely a mixed opinion about the USA.

Foreigners have disapproved the use of drones although those outside of the Middle East still view America as a favourable country with much like for president Obama still residing in their minds. However over the years the president’s approval ratings have dropped a great deal with Brazil and Germany being most reserved with the NSA meddling. These opinions however should be placed within context.

There have been long suspicions about America by Brazilians. They don’t need any evidence of phones being bugged to feel unfairly treated. Dilma Rousseff, the country’s president was once tortured when she opposed a military government which Brazilians to this day believe was supported by the USA.

Germany’s history meanwhile with snooping has left the country with a skittish nature about any spying signs that could feature US involvement. Germans though now favour the US more so than when Mr Bush was leader. America is also less popular now with Russia than when Mr Bush was in charge.

During the election of President Obama, the hope was that having Barack Obama in the White House would transform the image of America. It has but it hasn’t necessarily meant that there would be an improvement in the Middle East, trade pacts with other countries, and an improvement to carbon-dioxide emission cuts. 62% of people in China apparently worry about its neighbor’s dispute which may result in war. 67% of America also view China’s expanding military capabilities with a similar scepticism.

This brings the public back to reality and how the people of America now tend to expect a lot from the country’s president. Mr Obama, like other presidents, his policy seems to have consisted of unsatisfactory and unpleasant choices when faced with an unanticipated crisis, rather than world reshaping.

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