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Blogging can be a fun way to tell people about your experiences while studying abroad. If English isn’t your primary language though, you may be daunted by writing your blogs in English. The following are some blog writing tips for you to overcome the challenges you may face when you write some of your blog posts in English.

English Blog Writing Tips

  1. Tell Your Readers That English Is Your Second Language

When writing in English, dedicate one or two sentences to tell your audience that English isn’t your primary language. You can write it in the ‘about me’ section, or place it at the top of your blog. If you are feeling brave, invite readers to correct or improve on what you are saying, or how you say it.

Use The Program Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word document program which helps you to write your documents in English. It is used by most blogging platforms and has a spell checker to check your spelling before posting. It also helps to correct grammar so your sentences read a whole lot better. This can help you to learn and understand the English language better.

  1. Think In English

Try to avoid writing your blog in your first language and then translating it. This can prove more difficult. Instead write in English and then correct it using tools such as Microsoft Word.

  1. Don’t Get Frustrated

Learning any new language is hard. At some point you will become frustrated, but if you take a breather and work through it slowly you will soon become familiar with the English language. Understand that you will struggle, you will feel like giving up but if you persevere you will feel great when you’re finished.

  1. Hire An Editor

If you want the published outcome to be perfect, you can actually hire an editor. Places such as Freelancer.com or Upwork.com are great places to find affordable editors to check your work before posting.

Blogs are fun to putting down thoughts, impressions and just getting things off your chest, and of course, for practising those English language skills.


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