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When traveling abroad it can be confusing when it comes to tipping those who you think do a great job. There are so many questions that revolve around tipping that it leaves you asking what is right and what isn’t. The following are some of the tipping questions answered which may help you next time you’re traveling the world.

What’s The Most Common Mistake When Tipping?

Not to tip. This is the worst mistake that someone can make. You usually tip around 15-20 percent, but not tipping anything for good service is a bad thing.

Is It Ok Not To Tip If You Aren’t Happy With A Service?

No. Don’t let your money talk for you. Even if you get a bad service, still tip around 10 to 15 percent and then ask to see the manager to express your dissatisfaction. Your voice will speak more to managers than not leaving a tip.

Is There A Person We Shouldn’t Tip?

Yes. Your doctor, therapists, and dentists. Tips should be left for waitresses, waiters, cleaning staff, and those who don’t make a big wage. Try to avoid tipping people who aren’t in the service industry.

Can You Over-Tip? Will It Offend Anyone?

No, although people may think you’re a little strange if you tip a high amount. Many people won’t mind getting more money from you no matter where you go.

When Is It Ok To Tip Without Local Currency?

It’s only ok if that is all you have, otherwise try to tip in the country’s currency as best you can. This helps to save the person from having to change to their currency which may cost them a fee.

If There Is Any Advice On Tipping What Would It Be?

A. Always remember to tip! Otherwise it would be keeping some smaller bills on hand so you can leave nice tips while traveling.

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