TALK Fort Lauderdale’s November Student Activities

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During the month of November, TALK Fort Lauderdale offers many fun student activities and outings such as trips to Orlando, Miami attractions such as Parrot Jungle or Coral Castle, plus those exciting glass-bottom boat tours of the Everglades. Closer to home, our activities director organizes student activities such as beach volleyball at Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful beach volleyball area, plus BBQ’s on the beach, bowling, roller skating, video game arcades and lots more.

November Student Activities: Thanksgiving Pot Luck


student activities at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Potluck is a popular November event at TALK Fort Lauderdale.

TALK Fort Lauderdale’s big event in November is the Thanksgiving Pot Luck.  This annual party has proved very popular with staff and students alike.  At lunch time, all students, teachers, and staff get together for this big feast! Every class picks a traditional American side dish and brings it along to the Pot Luck Party.  They can cook the dish themselves or they can order it –  it just has to be enough for the entire school! So, for example, Level 1 English class students are in charge of the mashed potatoes while  Level 2 brings the stuffing, Level 3 the green beans, Level 4 the gravy …you get the picture!  this is not only a fun student activity but it also gives students a real idea of what America’s favorite holiday – the traditional Thanksgiving feast – is all about.  The TALK Administrative team is in charge of the turkey and the ham.

With the Holiday Season around the corner, November’s student activities alway have a festive atmosphere at TALK English schools.  At TALK Fort Lauderdale, like the other South Florida TALK centers, the warm climate which marks the winter season makes the holiday festivities all the more enjoyable!



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