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TALK Boston’s newest ESL teacher, Guiomar Sumrall, is the focus of our teacher’s profile piece this month.

Guiomar Florencio Sumrall is not only an ESL/EFL teacher with 24 years of teaching experience, but she is also a Portuguese teacher.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in languages: Portuguese and English, and she has a passion for teaching.

Teaching at TALK Boston

esl teacher at TALK Boston

Guiomar Sumrall in her TALK Boston classroom

Guiomar joined TALK Boston last October as an ESL teacher, and in the space of the 6 months that she has been here, she has created great relationships with staff and the students, who give her high ratings for her incredible teaching approach. The admiration that she has inspired in her students is more than reciprocated by Guiomar:

“I love sharing what I know with people from all over. It is amazing to be surrounded by people from different countries. I love the fact that I also learn from them: their traditions, their culture… That fascinates me.”

She is also a language learner, which makes it easier for her to understand the struggle and the challenges that her students encounter when studying a foreign language.

Guiomar’s approach to teaching English has been developed over many years of learning and practising different kinds of methodologies, such as communicative approach, audio-visual and audio-lingual methodologies and Holistic approach. Along the years, she has participated in numerous professional development workshops and training.

The importance of learning English in today’s world makes Guiormar proud of the role she plays in teaching English as a second language to her international students at TALK Boston.

“English is a universal language. It is essential in business, when we are on vacation, and in our daily life. It broadens your horizons and it also opens doors. It is the key to success.”

TALK Boston is so pleased that Guiomar has joined the school, and how she has connected with her students and colleagues.  We hope to have you around for a long time, Guiomar!


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