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Veronica Sardinas came to Miami in January 2016 and joined the TALK Aventura student body because to improve her English skills and before she enrolled to study at the University of Miami. Veronica had studied English in Argentina, but she felt that the best way to gain fluency in the language was to live in the USA as she studied.  In addition, says Veronica, she thought that enrolling in an English course at TALK English School before taking on the challenge of an American university would help her adapt to American culture. She would be fully prepared for coursework and for the college culture of the university.

Aventura Students love their time at TALK!

Aventura student

Veronica Sardinas

“Studying at TALK has been a good experience because all the teachers are very supportive and the staff is always willing to help. I definitely would recommend TALK to other people who want to learn or improve any language.” says Veronica, who now feels fully prepared for the next stage of her academic career.

Roberta Alves, who is Brazilian, started her time in Miami as a  TALK Aventura student, and loved it so much that she stayed on at the school as a student helper!

“The environment is amazing and so are my co-workers, the teachers and TALK Aventura students!” says Roberta, “I am grateful for everything and everyone from TALK Aventura! It has been a pleasure working and studying there.”

Aventura student

Roberta Alves

For Roberta, not only has the time at TALK proved to be a special experience with memories that she will have for the rest of her life, but she has made many friends.  Roberta becomes one of the many student alumni who consider the people at TALK to have been their American family:  “I made many new good friends here who  are a very special people to me now. I am thankful to TALK Aventura for being part of my English learning process and also of my professional development!”

To our TALK Aventura students, Roberta and Veronica, we have valued having you with us and we wish you the very best for your careers and your future!!

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