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Students planning on studying abroad will have plenty of questions about the benefits, the practical details and the study abroad reality of the experience. There are many resources – international student blogs and chat forums as well as Study Abroad industry websites that address these questions. The following are some answers to common student questions that you may be asking:

What Will My School Do With My Personal information?

In the USA privacy is everything and it is no different with schools. When submitting your personal information for review, it won’t be used for anything other than your admission. It will be filed accordingly and it won’t be seen by  anyone other than the School Admissions authority.

Why Should I study Abroad?

The reason why someone should study abroad varies from person to person but one thing they all have in common is that it is an amazing adventure that you won’t soon forget. Study abroad opens your eyes to the world, promises you adventure, and helps to improve your communication and career goals. It’s not about why you should study abroad it’s more like: why wouldn’t you?

How do I get started?

So you’re ready to take on the journey to study in a host country but you are unsure as to what to do next. Well here are some things to consider to get you started.

  1. Decide if you have the finances to support your trip.
  2. Ask yourself if the reasons you want to go are the right ones.
  3. Talk to parents and advisors about your plans.
  4. Find a study abroad program that you are eligible for.
  5. Decide which country you want to study in.
  6. Decide when you want to study.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad?

Financial aid may or may not be eligible to certain students. It is advisable to seek advice from your home institution or school to assess whether you would be covered for financial aid during your trip. You can also see whether there are any scholarships that are available that you may be eligible for.

How can I convince my parents to let me study abroad?

Parents like to protect their children from the world, so if you are having problems one of the best ways to help your situation is to get all the information about your trip and talk to them in depth about what you will be studying as well as where you are planning to live. You might be expected to make some compromises to your decision, such as cost of the program you are choosing, time spent abroad, departure date, accommodation decisions, but remember that they have your best interests in mind.


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