What Should Students Expect When Studying Abroad

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Students who are about to study abroad will find new and exciting things awaiting them. When in your new Studying abroadclassroom you may well be with other international students who are traveling abroad for the first time, have not mixed with anyone but people from their own country – just like you, perhaps. The following are some of the things that you should expect to be asked when in your new environment.

  1. What is that accent?

Before anything else about you arises, the first thing that many people will ask you is about your accent. Your accent is special to you and is distinctive to your culture. Many won’t recognise it so it’s the first question they will ask. So be prepared.

  1. How come you speak English so well?

Students who come from non-speaking countries should expect to be asked about how well they can speak English. Stereotyping generally dictates that people from non-speaking English countries shouldn’t know how to speak English not realizing that basic English might have been taught you in your school, or that you have been teaching yourself some English at home.

  1. How is your school different from ours?

The comparison in schools is always something that many students like to discuss. They love to know about the different education systems around the world and compare everything from food to the way teachers teach.

  1. What do you like about America?

When studying abroad in America you will get asked about your opinion on the USA. This is very normal and many Americans as well as other international students want to know how your experience is going and whether you have a good impression of the country. If you find certain things strange don’t be afraid to say it.

  1. Can you teach me how to say something?

Yes that’s right, you will get asked to teach your fellow students or friends something in your own language. This can be anything from food to common courtesy such as hello or goodbye. So be prepared to be a teacher while being taught!


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