Spooky Facts For Halloween From Around The Globe

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As October rolls around again there is one thing that is on all American’s mind and that is Halloween. Halloween is aSpooky Facts For Halloween fun time for all Americans. It lets everyone get dressed up and have a night of fun without any judgement. For those who love Halloween here are some spooky facts for Halloween from right around the world.

Spooky Fun Facts To Share This Halloween

  1. During October when the season is right, it is said that when you walk outside you are usually within a distance of 6ft from a spider! There are roughly 30,000 spider species in the world today.
  2. In Berlin Germany, you can experience what it is like to sleep in a coffin. A hotel offers this rare opportunity throughout the year, although it is quite popular around Halloween.
  3. Homed Lizards have the ability to shoot blood from their own eyes. If threatened they blow themselves up with air twice their size and if continued to feel threatened they will shoot the blood from their eyes to a distance of 3ft.
  4. If you bit into a thimble while eating cake on Halloween you are said to be burdened with bad luck.
  5. Two glass vials were sold in New Zealand for $2000. Legend said that they contained the spirits of ghosts.
  6. Black cats are considered bad luck in America, good luck in England, and are given in Japan as wedding presents.
  7. In the world there are real people who consider themselves as real vampires. They even go to the extreme of drinking human blood, dressing in black and roaming the night.
  8. The fear of teeth is called Odontophobia.
  9. Medical historians have connected the similarities between vampires and rabies outbreaks. Apparently when a person is suffering from rabies they tend to bite other people and are more sensitive to light.
  10. In Germany on Halloween people hide all their knives to stop spirits from hurting themselves.



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