How To Make Halloween Really Spooky

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October means Halloween in America.  Costume stores decorate their windows with witches andHalloween ghosts, areas of open land on city streets become pumpkin patches and bakeries sell all things orange and Halloween themed.  Everyone gets into the spirit of fun.  For those of us who like the more spooky side of Halloween, consider these facts.

Spooky Fun Facts To Share This Halloween

  1. Spiders are a big thing at Halloween, mainly because people find spiders so creepy. The fear of spiders is called arachnophobia. Here’s a scary fact: anywhere you are when outside, it is said that you are within a distance of 6ft from a spider! There are roughly 30,000 species of spider in the world.
  2. In Berlin, Germany, a hotel offers the experience of sleeping in a coffin rather than a bed. It is a particularly popular form of scary amusement around Halloween.
  3. Reptiles, like spiders, also manage to make humans queasy. Homed Lizards are particularly off-putting with their ability to shoot blood from their eyes. If threatened, the homed lizard will blow itself up to twice their size, and if they continue to feel threatened, they will take to shooting blood from their eyes up to a distance of 3ft. Ugh!
  4. Black cats, another favorite piece of Halloween imagery in America, are considered bad luck in the US, although they are thought to bring good luck in England. In Japan they are thought to be so special that they are given to bridal couples as wedding presents.
  5. There are actually people who consider themselves to be real vampires. They even go to the extreme of drinking human blood, and of course they dress in black and do their roaming around at night.
  6. Medical historians have made connections between stories about vampires running amok and incidents in the area of rabies outbreaks. Apparently, say these observers, when a person is suffering from rabies they tend to bite other people and are more sensitive to light. Oh no!
  7. In Germany, when it is Halloween, some people hide all their knives to stop spirits from hurting themselves.

Scary stuff.  Have a fun Halloween! BOO!

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