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Hosting your first dinner party as an ESL student can be daunting as quite a lot of organizing goes into having a Student Initiativedinner party with a lot of guests. Plus, what you want to do is have a party where discussion is strictly in English. That means that you should take student initiative and have an idea of some conversation topics that challenge your guests to speak using new words and phrases and at the same time keep the conversation flowing.

English Conversation Tips For Dinner Parties

  1. Me, Only Better – Get people to name one thing that they would love to change about themselves and why they would want to.
  2. Top Chef – Give each person 5 ingredients and ask if they had a chance what would they cook with them. See how creative each person is.
  3. Time Capsule – Ask those around you what would they think life would be like in say the year 2200. Would there be any changes, would aliens of met us, what would they be doing if they had lived that long at the age they are now.
  4. Horoscopes – Horoscopes are fun to read. Have the latest horoscope on hand and see what is happening in each person’s life. See if this is correct.
  5. What Color Are You? – Ask everyone what color they think they are and describe why that is.
  6. If I Won The Lottery – Ask everyone what they would be doing if they had won the lottery. It’s amazing what people think of.
  7. What’s Your Dream Job – Another great question is asking what everyone’s dream job would be. This is great for sharing and is fun to see how their life would be different if they had their dream job.
  8. Biggest Fear – Ask everyone what their biggest fear in life is and why it is. It can be superficial or serious.
  9. Genie – Ask everyone if they had 3 wishes what would they wish for.
  10. Guilty Pleasure – Ask fellow students what their most guilty pleasure is. This can be anything from chocolate to video games so be prepared for some unusual answers.
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