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Anyone traveling around the world will succumb to be annoyed and irritated from time to time. Whether it’s from a Travel Companion Tipsrude person at the airport or a noisy neighbour at a hotel there are plenty of things that will get you annoyed. The trick is trying not to become a person who irritates everyone else. The following are some good travel companion tips which will allow you to stay on the good side of travelling with those around you.

Flying Tips

Flying tends to be one of the worst things to bring the worse out of people. It is stressful and busy at all times. Here are some ways you can keep calm while flying.

  • Escape internally as if you are listening to your favourite song and you are singing it internally only to yourself.
  • Use social media to rant about an ‘anonymous’ passenger which may be irritating you. You will get it off your chest without actually confronting someone or giving their identity away.
  • If you are of age, why not have 1 drink of your favourite wine after you land to calm the nerves.
  • Ignore the rude people unless they get out of hand of course.
  • If you have kids set expectations for them before leaving. Let them know that they should behave a certain way and let them know how the flight will be and how long it is meant to be.
  • Bring along favourite activities such as colouring books, iPads, snacks, and books to keep kids occupied for the duration.
  • If you are flying try to get the aisle seat as most of the times kids will be against the windows and you may avoid your seat getting kicked.
  • Have patience and understand that everyone is tired and trying to get somewhere and by just being patient your trip will be over in no time at all.
  • Don’t drink too much before a flight. Being drunk won’t help anyone especially yourself and those around you.


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