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Americans appreciate the Fall season for its cooler weather and its astonishing colors. There is alsfallo a feeling that the year is coming to a close, and that also means the holiday season is around the corner.

Fall Fun Facts

  • Fall is one of the 4 seasons also known as Autumn and is the transition from Summer into Winter.
  • During Fall many plants stop making food and start their hibernation process.
  • Tree leaves transform from green to red, orange, yellow and then brown before they fall to the ground. This is due to the decrease in sunlight and nutrients in the ground.
  • The days get shorter.
  • When fall starts many animals prepare for winter by collecting and storing food in their dens, nests or as fat on their body, as get they ready to hibernate.
  • Pumpkins are a really popular vegetable during Fall. They are used in delicious pumpkin soups, pumpkin pies, as side dishes at the Thanksgiving and Christmas meal. They are added to muffins and cookies and of course a non-edible use is as the Jack-o-lanterns during Halloween.
  • Thanksgiving and Halloween are both celebrated in Fall in the USA.
  • Animals grow their coats longer during fall to prepare for the harsh cold during winter.
  • The sun is aligned directly in between the North and South of the planet on the first day of Fall. On this day, the day and night hours are exactly the same length.
  • On the spring and autumn equinox, it is said that for these two days only you can stand a normal egg on its end. (You can try to do this to verify if it’s true or just an old wives tale!)

Fall is a lovely season in the USA so make sure that you get out and enjoy what it has to offer!

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