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Henry Hernandez joined TALK Fort Lauderdale as an ESL teacher in October 2015. A teacher of English as a second language for 30 years, we thought it would be interesting to get his insight into the industry and the business of teaching English as a Second Language – and why it is so important to learn English.

Diversity and Diverse Experiences – the Life of an ESL Teacher

Addressing the last question first, Henry replied:

ESL teacher

Henry Hernandez

“The answer to this question is obvious. In today’s world, if you don’t have a command of the English language, there’s only so far you can advance in a professional atmosphere. No matter what country you come from. And of course, if it’s just for pleasure, and travel, English will always open up doors wherever you go.”

Henry’s qualifications and 30-year career have enabled him to occupy all sorts of positions in the ESL world from teaching to training teachers, to management and sales.  Now, in his position as an ESl teacher at TALK Fort Lauderdale, this has given him a vantage point that few teachers can claim:

“My experience and knowledge, along with my ability to sincerely sympathize with people’s needs have sharpened my vision towards creating a successful and respected career. Toddlers, children and university students have sat in my sessions.

However, it was with the adults, where I most developed my field of expertise. From housewives to top executives of multinational enterprises, along with ministers and vice-ministers of a foreign nation have gracefully progressed in the pursuit of their goals in the English language.

Henry is 100% fluent in the English and Spanish languages but is also able to communicate very well in Portuguese. He resided abroad more many years, and this he says, has “enabled and augmented my capacity and understanding to comply to those of other cultures.”

Despite the busy schedule he has as an ESL teacher, Henry found the time in 2014/15 to volunteer at Care Resource, a non-profit organization in Fort Lauderdale, where he was the Director/Teacher of an ESL program which he developed for low-income individuals who need to better their English skills in order to find better jobs.

Henry’s  work experience spans many interesting posts and places.  He’s thoroughly enjoying his present job at TALK Fort Lauderdale:

“What I like most about the job has to be definitely and without a doubt, the people I work with. My fellow teachers are a very funny bunch. It’s great to arrive in the morning, walk into the teacher’s room and find a happy crowd, cracking jokes and genuinely in a good mood. Working under the direction of Barbara  (Halwa – the Director of TALK Fort Lauderdale) is more than fantastic. She’s the best. She is truly concerned that everyone is fine in every sense. Be it workwise or in our personal lives. It’s incredible to work with a person who isn’t just all about work, papers, or have a “corporate attitude”. Undeniably, one of the best places I’ve ever worked at.”

TALK Fort Lauderdale is so happy to welcome Henry to the TALK family – he is a great asset to our ESL academic program and makes a real contribution to the success of the school.

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