Easter Traditions In America

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When it comes to celebrations and festivities, Easter is one occasion which doesn’t have any boundaries. Easter is a time when Americans come together and bury their differences. Celebrations with Easter traditions come in a variety of ways which really make Easter that extra something special. Easter celebrations in America is something that you have to see to believe. The following are some US Easter traditions that are played or done in America on Easter.

American Easter Traditions

  • Each year New Orleans hosts the annual Easter carnival called Mardi Gras. During this time you will find plenty of things to see and do including parades, bumper parties, and jazz music bands.
  • American children generally play an Easter game called the Easter egg roll.
  • Families usually cook their favourite dish which includes vegetables, potatoes and ham. Hot cross buns are also a favourite.
  • Couples tend to get married during Easter. It is a popular time for weddings across America to be held.
  • Painting Easter Eggs and hiding them for an Easter egg hunt is a popular tradition families play with their children in the USA.
  • Sunrise services are part of the American Easter traditions. This allows Christians to come together to pay tribute to the Lord.
  • Decorating with Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter tree and Easter lambs is popular for all families and businesses during Easter.
  • Easter parades are also a part of the celebrations right across the country with many people dressing up as Easter bunnies and giving out eggs.

Easter is a wonderful time where many people can forget their troubles and enjoy spending time with those they love. If you’re in America this Easter, why not join in on the fun and see how your town or city is celebrating this coming Easter in the USA.

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