Dining Etiquette In Foreign Countries

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When it comes to dining it is important to have table manners, although when traveling abroad do you really know Dining Etiquettehow to act when it comes to the country you’re in? The follow are some dining etiquette rules which are specific to certain countries.

Dining Etiquette Rules For Foreign Countries

Thailand – When eating a cooked rice dish, take a fork and use it to push the food onto your spoon. In some areas of Thailand such as the north and north-eastern area the food is generally eaten by hands. Chopsticks shouldn’t be used when eating a traditional rice based dish in Thailand.

Japan – In Japan when eating your food, you’re chopsticks should be placed parallel to the table right in front of you when you are chewing in between bites. Never place the chopsticks upright in the rice as this is generally a tradition used in funerals.

India, Middle East, and Parts Of Africa – In these countries it is important to eat with your right hand. Apparently the left hand is associated with bodily fluids and is considered dirty. If you’re a left hander, it’s ok to use your left hand if you’re right hand is out of the equation.

Mexico – In Mexico it is frowned upon to eat a taco with a knife and fork. It is regarded as snobby. Mexican tacos should always be eaten with hands.

Italy – In Italy it is a tradition to drink cappuccinos before noon, not after. It is said that it upsets your stomach. An expresso if fine to eat after 3pm.

Britain – In Britain it is important to pass the port to the left. It’s unclear as to why but it is a big thing. So when having a drink of port, always pass it to your left.

Chile – In Chile it’s important to eat everything with a knife or fork. It’s frowned upon to eat with your fingers. Eating with utensils is a show of good manners.

So when traveling abroad to any of these countries, show them that you respect their traditions and do as the locals do.


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