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There’s nothing quite like getting involved in community service: volunteerism – both global and local – has become Community Service and Volunteering more appealing to young people not only because they want to help others but also because they value what this experience can teach them about everything from social to environmental issues. There are many different organizations who are almost entirely volunteer-based, and are always thankful for new recruits. For those who want to help make a difference, the following are some community service and volunteering options to consider:

  1. Animals: Your local animal shelters are fantastic places to volunteer for. You can volunteer your time to clean cages, make holiday decorations, answer phones and more. You can help by contacting your nearest shelter and see whether they need anything done. This is great for animal lovers to make shelter animals feel loved and cared for.
  2. Older people: Volunteering your time with is also a great opportunity. Older people enjoy the company and you can both benefit if you are a little lonely, too. You can do things for your older friend like give her a manicure, read him a story, play scrabble or just enjoy a conversation and listen to what  You never know, you may just make a wonderful friend along the way.
  3. Children: Helping children who are in need is a great way to give back. You can volunteer your time to organize sporting events, activities, or play groups at your local hall. Children love it when they’re noticed by someone, and feel heard. It helps them build confidence and trust and be more socially engaged.
  4. Troops: War is an unfortunate part of life and whether troops are active in duty or are relieved of duty you can help volunteer your time to help the US servicemen and women who have fought for this country. You can organize a drive to raise money and donate items to good causes. You can help to fundraise for those who no longer serve due to injury. There are many different ways you can help our troops so why not see what you can do to help.
  5. Environment: Cleaning up the environment can really make a difference to the world. Why not volunteer to pick up trash, plant new trees, or work in a community vegetable garden. Remember we only have one planet to live on so why not do your bit today
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