Cheap Things to Do Why Studying Abroad

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When studying abroad it can be a big draw on the finances as many current students know. Because of this you may Cheap Things to Do find it hard to do some fun things because of limited funds, although it doesn’t have to be. Here are some cheap fun things to do when you’re looking for things to do while studying abroad.

Cheap Fun Things You  Can Do During Your Study

  1. Learn your college cheer!
  2. Learn and sing the fight song of your college loud and proud.
  3. Play inner-tube water polo (if you can swim).
  4. Learn how to play a musical instrument.
  5. Join an intramural sport that you haven’t played before.
  6. Eat dorm food and complain about it on a blog.
  7. Go on a campus scavenger hunt.
  8. Stay up all night watching movies.
  9. Play ultimate Frisbee.
  10. Paint your campus emblem on a hill.
  11. Join an improv troupe event or create one like ‘Zombie attack’.
  12. Learn to ballroom dance.
  13. Learn a new language.
  14. Go to a frat party.
  15. Dress up in something fancy and go dancing with friends.
  16. Go to a lecture on a subject you’re interested in.
  17. Hear an orchestra concert from your university.
  18. Take a film course, watch some movies and them discuss them with other likeminded people.
  19. Cheer for everyone at an open mic night on campus.
  20. Pull an all-nighter and then go out to a donut shop the next morning.
  21. Learn how to play the drums and have a drumming contest.
  22. Go fountain hopping. Jump into a line of fountains, do a dance and move on.
  23. Buy rubber ducks and place them in the campus fountain.
  24. Go to a campus bonfire.
  25. Play zombie tag.
  26. Climb the tallest building on campus.
  27. Go to a beach if you have one nearby.
  28. Volunteer your services to do something that helps others at your college.
  29. Start a best dress competition for both men and women.
  30. Start a new secret club.



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