What To Do When Bored

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When studying for weeks on end it can be a little boring from time to time. For those who are experiencing this andWhat To Do When Bored want to add some fun back into their study, the following are just some fun things you can do when you’re bored.

What To Do When Bored And Need Some Downtime

  1. Blink really fast before closing your eyes tightly to see a cool lightshow behind your eyelids.
  2. See the length of time you can hold a musical note for and challenge a friend to try and best you. You can also beat your own record.
  3. Try not to think about anything to do with penguins. This is hard because you have just started thinking about them.
  4. Use mind control to do some crazy things. It is said that sooner or later you may be able to see some of your commands come true.
  5. Pretend you’re a robot and do a robot dance. Challenge your friends to a robot dance off.
  6. Scratch yourself anywhere on your body even if it doesn’t itch. It will still feel good.
  7. Rate passers-by in your head and think of ways that you can help them without telling them.
  8. Repeat the same word multiple times until it loses its meaning.
  9. Pinch yourself and wonder what pain is and ponder it for a moment.
  10. Try to swallow your tongue, you can’t do it can you?
  11. Pretend to be a car when moving about, this includes reversing noises when backing up.
  12. Make noises from Star Trek especially when doors open and close.
  13. Stare at something for as long as you can without blinking and then challenge yourself again.
  14. Spin around as fast as you can then walk in a straight line to see if you can make it to your destination.
  15. Invent a weird twitch and do it at the most awkward times.



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