How Black Friday Came About

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In November right across the USA bargain hunters anticipate the arrival of black Friday on the fourth Friday of the How Black Friday Came Aboutmonth. On this day bargain hunters take advantage on purchasing the many widespread limited bargains that are available at discounted prices. Black Friday is known as the biggest and most popular shopping day in the USA. It is also known as the day that kicks off the shopping season.

Black Friday Origins

It is believed that black Friday first began with parades which were featured on Thanksgiving. During the 20th century many department stores sponsored these parades to promote their store through advertising sales of products. Over time it was a rule that Christmas advertising didn’t start until the parades were complete. Many retailers adhered to the rules before pushing major advertising of sales on the day after thanksgiving offering customer’s bargains right across many businesses.

Why Is Black Friday Called “Black” Friday?

In 1966 it was revealed in Philadelphia that police officers referred to the day after thanksgiving as Black Friday. This was due to the increase in pedestrian traffic and traffic jams in the shopping district. For the police, cab drivers, bus drivers and others who were trying to navigate the walking shoppers the day was bleak or black.

The Urgency Of Black Friday

The hype around Black Friday is due to the limited quality of door buster bargain prices that businesses offer. Many retailers offer anywhere between 50% to 80% off. These sales can only be saved at the very beginning of the sales when the doors open. Retailers create this sense of urgency to draw in the crowds for more sales.

Some methods used by retailers which create urgency include:

  • Advertising at certain times at ridiculously low prices.
  • Offering limited hour sales during the day.
  • Providing limited item numbers for a special purchase price.
  • Pricing merchandise lower than the actual cost.

The Down Side To Black Friday

Although Black Friday is a great time to get sales, it can have its downside. This includes people shoving other shoppers, name calling, stampedes and more which can injury or hurt someone to the extreme. So when looking to join in on the Black Friday sales don’t forget to use common sense to make sure you aren’t hurt in the process.

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