The Best Places That Offer Hiking Trails

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Hiking is great fun for those who love nature, exercise and have a sense of adventure. When studying abroad and combining some traveling in the USA, look for great hiking trails in or around the cities you visit as well as areas known for their fantastic scenic trails.

USA Hikes And Trails

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City has plenty to see and offers great hiking trails. Salt Lake City features The 4-mile Bell Canyon to First Waterfall Trail which routes you beautiful countryside including a stunning waterfall and 2 huge reservoirs. For more experienced hikers the Mill Fork Trail is a 7 mile trail which leads up to Deseret Peak. This trail takes you up to a summit 11,031ft high, offering the most amazing views of the area.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Colorado has a great variety of hiking trails and is enormously popular for casual and veteran hikers. The Horsetooth Rock Trail offers a 6.2 mile hike which includes views of amazing rock formations resembling what looks like a giant horse’s set of teeth! Naturally, the fall nearby are called the Horsetooth Falls.

Blacksburg, Virginia

Blacksburg, Virginia is home to the 5-mile Cascades National Recreation Trail where you will find a wonderful 66ft waterfall. You may find another trail, the 7.9 mile Mcafee’s Knob pretty demanding.  If so, skip that and do the 4.6 mile Dragon Tooth Train instead: it offers wonderful panoramic views once you reach the top.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona’s hiking trails are truly awe-inspiring. We recommend the Soldiers Pass Trail and the Huckaby Trail. For the more advanced hiker who enjoys some climbing, try the Cathedral Rock Trail. Although this one is a steep climb the views are unbeatable.

These are just some of the thousands of amazing and breathtaking hiking trails found in the USA.

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