Alcohol Consumption Traditions In Foreign Countries

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When traveling abroad for study or an adventure it’s important to be responsible with your alcohol consumption. Alcohol ConsumptionWhile traveling overseas, there’s the right way to drink and the wrong way. The following are some alcohol consumption traditions in different countries.

Australia – Shouting A Drink

When you have a few beers with Aussies, you may hear the word ‘shout’. This doesn’t mean you yell out loud, it means that you are shouting, or buying others around you another round of drinks at your expense.

Ireland – Get A Round In

The Irish are known for their drinking and aren’t shy to make any non-alcoholic drink into an alcoholic one. One tradition is when they ‘get a round in’ which means that they will pay for your drink when it’s their turn to buy.

Hungary –  Knocking Glasses A No No

In Hungary it’s a tradition NOT to clink someone’s glasses during a toast. If you do it will offend. Apparently it has something to do with the executions of up to 13 martyrs of Arad. These executions took place in 1849.

Korea – With Two Hands Pour And Receive Your Soju

If you’re out on the town in Korea, and sipping alcohol on your travel it is important to have some manners while drinking. It’s tradition to wait for your elders’ cups to be full before you pour your drink or be served with your drink.

Japan – Don’t Pour Your Drink First.

A Japanese tradition that you should never break is pouring your own drink first. It is custom to pour everyone else’s drink before your own.

Russia – Chug All Vodka Before Placing Your Glass On The Table

In Russia its tradition that you drink all your vodka before placing your glass on the table. Never place a half drunken glass down in front of your peers.

So when traveling abroad to any of these countries don’t forget your manners and follow their traditions when it comes to alcohol consumption.

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