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A professional writing course in English is a strong recommendation if you wish to achieve certain professional or academic goals.  Ask yourself these questions to ascertain whether you can benefit from a professional writing course :

  • Are you concerned about writing essays and papers for university courses?
  • Are you interested in applying to an American company for a job but you don’t know how to go about introducing yourself on paper (cover letter)?
  • Do you want to put together your work history in a resume format but aren’t sure?

If  you answered YES to any of these questions then you should take the Professional Writing Course which is designed for students who need to sharpen writing skills and learn how to write university papers as well as resume writing and cover letters.

Professional Writing Course Description

Course Objective: This course is designed to sharpen student’s writing skills. Special emphasis will be put on creative writing and college level essay writing for universities.  In addition, this course will feature curriculum vitae/resume development including how to write a cover letter for students interested in applying to American companies for employment.

Admission requirements: Students must have an Intermediate or higher level of English.

Study Environment: Study sessions and writing practices are conducted by experienced instructors utilizing correct writing rules and formats.

Interested in English language courses other than a English professional writing course? For more about TALK English Schools English courses. Contact TALK English Schools

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