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What is an accent reduction course? And when do you need accent reduction?  You need it if you answer ‘yes’ to any of all of these questions:

accent reductionDo others ask you to repeat yourself?
Do others misunderstand you?
Does your accent hold your career back?

Accent Reduction courses are for individuals who have learned English, or any other language, as a second language. Accent Reduction Courses are designed to modify an individual’s pronunciation, so their speech is understood by others.

A word of advice – sometimes problems with pronunciation of English words are not because of your accent, but rather how certain English words are spelled.  The ways words are spelled quite often does not indicate clearly how they should be pronounced. Learning how to pronounce words that are not spelled as you would think they should be said, is about vocabulary building, reading, and speaking practice.

Accent Reduction Course Objectives

This course is designed to help students to achieve the ability to pronounce correctly, learn about stress, rhythm, and intonation, moreover, practice Contractions and Reductions. Accent Reduction Course will help you to sound more natural and also understand others better. Each lesson concludes with a summary of common Phrases, expressions, or vocabulary with the emphasis on rhythm.

Study sessions and practices are conducted by experienced instructors utilizing the latest materials and technology. Once the student’s weak areas are identified, the repetition and practice exercises are provided to bring that area of proficiency up to standard.

To benefit from an accent reduction course, students must have a High-Intermediate or higher level of English.

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